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Our basic function is conducting and support of the register of allied health professionals which answer standards of the Organization.

 The register will consist of five sectors:

1. Practicing psychologists, the art-therapists, specialists on work therapy.
2. Bio-medical scientific employees, clinical scientists, physiatrists.
3. Audiologists, oculists.
4. Fitness couches, dieticians.
5. Chiropractors, osteopaths, radiologists.
Applicants can declare a speciality in one or several sectors of the register.

In order to receive registration, it is necessary for applicants to show availability of education and practice according to standards.

Primary registration:
The application of registration (application form) is accepted only in case if there is a qualification (special education is received) at Ukraine or other country.

 Knowledge of language, for those who need special registration:
It is necessary to show skill to communicate English language which includes a colloquial and written part. From the candidate, as a rule, we ask to provide the certificate of language test TOEFL, IELTS, AKMA (at your option).


 Necessary documents:

  • Document which satisfies the requirement of the state sample about received education (educational-qualifying level) on the basis of which registration is performed, the appendix to it.
  • Service record or the document replacing it.
  • 6 identical photos (color, hatless) the size 3x4сm. If documents are submitted on-line, use a format pdf/pdg
  • Marriage certificate or certificate of name/surname change (for the persons having differences)
  • Autobiography
  • Certificate of foreign language knowledge (special registration, for persons who leave abroad)
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • Scanned copy of the first page of the Ukrainian and foreign passports.
  • Filled application form
  • Receipt of payments.
  • The certificate of the OET (The Occupational English Test) –

 We ask to provide only the scanned copies of original documents.

Appendixes to certificates
Should contain quantity of hours of theoretical and practical preparation with breakdown on each subject matter and a mark about passing the practice.
If the educational institution used concept of credits, it is necessary to specify quantity of hours of each theoretical or practical credits.


 Letters of recommendation
Given references from your employer should be provided from the present place of work, and confirm your activity and skill to render appropriate services effectively.

If you at present are unemployed, provide the appropriate references from your previous employer/ place of work where you had practice not less than 3 months or a testimonial from of the senior expert with whom you worked not less than a year for last 5 years.
References of agencies are not accepted.

The given references from your employer should be certified by registration body and contain confirmation of registration in your country.

Timeframes of registration procedure - 10 working days.
Special registration is available for leaving abroad and foreign citizens.
Procedure of registration takes 14 working days.

 Find out about steps of registration here

Evidence of English Proficiency

International applicants are required to show evidence of proficiency in the English Language if their basic medical degree is obtained from a medical school outside Ukraine.
Test results obtained from Occupational English Test (OET), within the minimum score accepted by Ukrainian Professional Council of Public Health Services are required, subject to a 2-year validity period based on the date of the test.
The following table provides the minimum grade for each component of OET:


Minimum scores









What is an acceptable OET certificate?
It is important that your Occupational English Test (OET) certificate shows that:
• you took the Category of the test related to your profession
• you got the required grade for each testing area (speaking, listening, reading and writing)
• you got those grades in the same test
• you obtained the grades in your most recent sitting of the test .
How long is OET certificate valid for?
OET certificates are valid for two years. While you are applying for registration, your certificate must be valid when we approve your application.

Steps of registration:

1. Fill in the application form _____________

2. Provide documents which testify your education and labor experience and filled application form.

You can make it in two ways:
1. To scan and send documents to __________________
2. To give documents personally in registration department ( Kiev, I. Franko street 30, office 3)
Cell phone +38 044 592 05 75

3. After reception of your documents we will provide you with the acknowledgement of opening the registration and the payment order for registration fee. The registration fee sum is 1225hrn.00 kopeck
4. Term of registration implementation is 10 working days.
5. For the international organizations we also issue additional documents of form CGS.